• Yield-Tokens & Marble Pegs
  • Native DeFi System & DEX
  • Cross-Chain Bridge
  • Yield-Tokens & Marble Pegs
  • Native DeFi System & DEX
  • Cross-Chain Bridge


Marblecake develops next-level DeFi solutions & yield protocols.

As a holistic ecosystem, you will find all necessary tools at your disposal. From active swapping to passive yield generation, Marblecake is your go-to place for prime DeFi solutions.

PancakeSwap (CAKE)-01

When the crowdsale has been completed, Marble will be listed on PancakeSwap as well as on our own DEX. We aim to make the user experience as smooth and secure as possible.

Funds raised will be allocated as follows:

  • 2/3 = liquidity pool funding
  • 1/3 = Development & marketing funding

The crowdsale ends on July 1, 2022.

Grab your tokens while they’re still cheap!

Note: Please log into Metamask & connect to BSC Mainnet to access the Exchange

For the best experience use the Brave Browser

  • Name & Symbol: Marblecake (MARBL)
  • Crowdsale Address: 0x67BAF2F39489C22b97146A903Ca450dFD3CAa043
  • Token Address: 0x7C4DCc15fCaa5e0B7DefE55F1fFF2442057cEb8B
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Token Supply: 10,000,000 mARBL
  • Soft Cap: $500,000

The Crowdsale Ends In


Marblecake combines multiple tools that make up its ecosystem. At its core, the DEX (Decentralized Exchange) serves to facilitate swapping. In combination with this, users can add liquidity to the pools or hodl Yield Tokens.


As a liquidity provider, you can stake your LP tokens and make even more profit. Our farms aim for steady returns and are based on protocols that facilitate both PoS operations as well as lending contracts.


Marble’s launchpad helps new projects get off the ground easily. Moreover, it adds a layer of security for investors as every project has been vetted and verified by our team..


The DEX is the heart of the Marbleverse. Security is of greatest importance which is why all listed tokens are manually verified by our team. You can rest assured  that the tokens you swap are legit and are free from dodgy coding.


Marble aims to make swapping tokens between networks seamless, fast and cheap. 

In contrast to other chains, ours will work with different liquidity provisions to speed things up. Currently, we work on bridges to other EVM-compatible networks including Polygon & Fantom.


Marble Pegs are tokens pegged to the price of an underlying asset. Similar to stablecoins, these tokens keep their price pegged to an external benchmark, such as the US Dollar. Marble has already launched its own Marble Dollar, which  is growing in adaption.


Marble's own Marble Dollar serves as a stable price token in our system. Users can easily check the real-world price of an asset.

Marble Dollars are automatically adjusted by an underlying algorithm connected to the exchange.


Yield Tokens are like regular tokens, only super-charged. In contrast to common tokens, you don’t have to trade these to make a profit: They earn you a steady percentage just by holding them! How cool is that?


This is Marblecake's twin sibling - the ultimate yield token if there ever was one. Just by hodling it, you automatically earn 6% on every trade made with it.

Better than staking, more secure than pooling, more profitable than trading. Just buy, hodl, earn.


The 2nd quarter of 2022 will see Marble laying the ground for further growth. We will complete the crowdsale, overhaul the DEX & focus on marketing.

  • Crowdsale II
  • Prepare DEX for re-launch
  • Bounty Campaigns
  • Marketing Campaigns

During the 3rd quarter, Marble hodlers can start trading their assets on PancakeSwap & our native DEX. More marketing will follow as the project gains traction.

  • List on Pancakeswap
  • Relaunch native DEX
  • List on Native DEX
  • Marketing Campaign II

To round off 2022, we will launch the bridge around November 2022. In addition, the launchpad will be ready along with the staking farm protocols.

  • Launch Bridge
  • Add Launchpad
  • Staking Contracts
  • List mARBL on more DEX's

Kicking off a great start into 2023, Marble will deploy on more networks, run more marketing campaigns & target CEX listings. 2023 is going to rock – better be part of it now or lose out later.

  • Cross-Chain Deployment
  • Marketing Campaign III
  • Target CEX listings
  • Continue Development


Note: MARBL hodlers get priority access. 

Earn 6% in profit?
Without trading??


  • High-Yield Token
  • 6% Interest Yield
  • Built-In Burn Mechanism
  • Automatic Appreciation



Edwin Kater

Project Manager

Ed handles all day-to-day operations, user support & everything in between. Long term crypto fan, tech buff and hiking enthusiast.


Mariusz Nowak


Mariusz is the coder on both ends of Marblecake. Working tirelessly to make sure everything runs smoothly, he devotes most of his time to fintech projects.

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  1. Log into your Metamask wallet
  2. Make sure it’s connected to BSC Mainnet
  3. Enter the amount you want to buy mArbl for in the widget box
  4. Confirm the transaction
  5. Enjoy your mARBL!

Note: If there is no Metamask popup, simply refresh the page & do the transaction again.

If you have trouble using the widget, you can directly send the amount to the crowdsale contract. Be sure to only send BNB (not BUSD) on the Binance Smart Chain.

The address is: 0x67BAF2F39489C22b97146A903Ca450dFD3CAa043

If you need help, reach out to us on Twitter or send an email to [email protected]